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November Newsletter

Dear Agalateya Members and Subscribers, As the cold months approach, staying active indoors becomes essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Agalateya Sports Club offers an excellent solution for its members and followers: a competitively structured virtual cycling program. Our Virtual Cycling Program provides the convenience of a flexible workout schedule and the ability to explore diverse, stunning landscapes while pedalling within the comfort of your home along with your fellow Agalateya cyclists or alone. We're also proud to announce that this marks Agalateya's first integration of the professional Training Peaks app into our cycling programs. Training Peaks is a crucial tool for athletes of all levels, offering personalized training plans, progress tracking, and data analysis. It will help our members optimize their performance and achieve their fitness goals effectively. We intend to incorporate Training Peaks into other endurance sports like swimming and running, which stems from our determination to provide our valued members with the best and most up-to-date services at the most competitive and economical prices. Get your adrenaline pumping with Agalateya Sports Club, sign up for the virtual cycling now, stay tuned for the other Endurance Programs and let's have a blast staying fit indoors! Aya Aboelmaged



Sport Oakville Recognition Awards Congratulations to the Agalateya nominees who were recognized by the Town of Oakville and won the Sport Oakville 2023 Award:

  1. Mohamed Elsayed - Athlete Award

  2. Mariam Miri - Coach Award

  3. Walid Belal - Volunteer Award

  4. Angry Birds - Team Award


Agalateya October Challenge for Garmin has successfully concluded, featuring categories for Swimming, Cycling, Running, and Steps. The winners are:

  1. Swimming Winner: Ahmed Adel recorded 14,250 m of swimming and won the famous Montu Hat.

  2. Cycling Winner: Amr Abdulkader recorded 266.20 km in cycling and won a pair of Cycling Sunglasses.

  3. Running Winner: Usama Ismail recorded 219.90 km of running and won the Agalateya Water bottle.

  4. Steps Winner: Omar Labib recorded 456,227 steps and won the Agalateya M-SS Jersey.

Congratulations to these dedicated participants for their remarkable achievements and their well-earned prizes!


Congratulations to the Agalateya coaches on their new coaching statuses: NCCP Trained Cycling Community Coach:

  1. Mohamed Abdelwahab

  2. Aya Aboelmaged

NCCP In-Training Cycling Competition Coach:

  1. Mohamed Abdelwahab

  2. Aya Aboelmaged

NCCP Trained Triathlon Community Coach:

  1. Ahmed Youssef

NAASFP Running Coach:

  1. Nadine Ibrahim

  2. Aya Aboelmaged

NCCP Certified Swimming Fundamentals Coach:

  1. Amira Abdelrahim

NCCP Trained Volleyball Community Coach:

  1. Aya Aboelmaged



The Volleyball Team cordially invite you to join them in cheering for the Agalateya Volleyball teams as they compete in our first internal Agalateya Volleyball tournament. Please save the date and join us on Sunday, December 3rd, from 1 pm to 3 pm at the Haber Community Center.


The Agalateya Board of Directors extends a warm invitation to all Agalateya Sports Club members and sponsors for our Annual General Meeting and Appreciation Ceremony, scheduled for Friday, January 19th, at 6 pm, to be held at the Oakville Trafalgar Community Center. Join us for an evening of engagement, participation, and insight into Agalateya's activities and plans for 2024. We'll also take this opportunity to acknowledge and express our gratitude to those who have selflessly served this community and helped Agalateya reach where they are today. Your presence will make this event truly special.



Here we go again; the cold season approaches, and so does our indoor cycling program. Yes, it is not easy, but the results are guaranteed. When:

  • 16 weeks (November to March)

  • 3 hours per week (for the structured workout)

Please sign up for more information: Sign Up Now!


As we approach the end of the Fall Running Program, we would like to celebrate all the runners who lately finished the TCS and Niagara Falls Races.

TCS 15th October 5K Runners:

  1. Yasmine Maklad

  2. Rabab Ali

  3. Aya Aboulmagd

Half Marathon Runners:

  1. Mostafa Antr

  2. Mona Shousha

  3. Omar Toeama

  4. Tarek Tawfik

  5. Sameh Abdelkader

  6. Naresh Patel

  7. Cherif Eraky

  8. Amira Youssef

  9. Omar Eraky

  10. Doaa El Rouby

Marathon Runners:

  1. Ahlam Lahbyeb

  2. Ahmed Youssef

  3. Usama Ismail

  4. Mohamed Abu Gabal

  5. Mariam Miri

  6. Omar Labib

  7. Ahmed Awad

Niagara Falls 22nd October 5K Runners:

  1. Yasmin Maklad

  2. Amr Gamal

  3. Ahmed Sultan

  4. Imen makhlouf

10K Runners:

  1. Amany El gouhary

  2. Marwa Masoud

Half Marathon Runners:

  1. Lamiaa El Ghandour

  2. Nevine Soliman

  3. Marwa Kandeil

  4. Mohamed Elfouly

  5. Yasmine Elshafei

  6. Doaa El Rouby

Marathon Runners:

  1. Mary Shenouda


Registration is opened now for the Winter Swimming Program starting early January.  Register Now!


Four Agalateya Teams are ready for the Oakville Winter League:

Angry Birds:

  1. Asma Rabi

  2. Fatma Zakaria

  3. Jo-Anna Hebert (C)

  4. Marwa Kandiel

  5. Karim Ragab

  6. Mamdouh Elkharadly

  7. Tharwat Fouad

  8. Walid Belal

  9. Wassim Dawoud


  1. Aya Siyam

  2. Diala Farajat

  3. Tasneem Siyam

  4. Ahmed Walili

  5. Basem Ghoneim

  6. Eyad Ali

  7. Karim Shazly

  8. Karim Sadek

  9. Ossama Fahmy (C)


  1. Amal Attia (C)

  2. Randa Salah

  3. Tamara Youssef

  4. Ahmed ElKhouly

  5. Ahmed Youssef

  6. Karim Younsi

  7. Sameh Barakat

  8. Sameh Sliem

  9. Sherif Amin

Sunday Team:

  1. Amal Attia (C)

  2. Aya Aboelmaged

  3. Aya Siyam

  4. Randa Salah

  5. Davis Arora

  6. Hesham Awadallh

  7. Karim Younsi

  8. Moustafa Elshazly

  9. Sami Ghourabi

If you are interested in joining the Winter League Teams, please sign up now!

For advertisment information, please contact

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