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Our Athletes

We value the Agalateya athletes. We love hearing from them, listening to their feedback and featuring their success stories on our website and social media. Please, send your stories and feedback to:


We started with Agalateya running team from the couch and now we are unwinding new distances, our goal for this year is to go for the half marathon, and it will not stop there. We believe we can reach new places and new distances.Joining Agalateya Volleyball team began with nostalgia when we used to play volleyball during our school and university hood, and we continue developing, improving and competing with the team.we enjoy spending this time together building more bonds away from everyday life stress and we will keep exploring Agalateya sports and add to our skills, strengths and friendships.Life is not about finding yourself, it’s about creating it and it takes a team to do so!thanks Agalateya

Sameh & Rehab

I have been struggling with weight gain/diabetes/sleep apnea for some time, staying active is not an option but it is still hard to get motivated and stay focused. I am very grateful to have found the Agalatya team, I appreciate how the group managed to connect fitness-focused like-minded people, where you can ask questions and share knowledge and find help with all aspects of your fitness journey. With the help of the group experts, I have managed to accomplish many goals, a 100 km bicycle rides, running 10 km and half marathon races, and I am currently training for a triathlon, I appreciate every support I got from the team and I am looking forward to many more challenges in the future.

Mohamed Abu Gabal

"I am proud to say that every member of our team is a true team player. Thanks for committing your hard work and dedication to this group and helping the whole members in achieving their victory."

Fatma Zakaria

"I encountered Agalateya last spring when I was grappling with a foot injury that prevented me from running. I was desperate for an outdoor activity that replaced my running but I had not been on a bike since childhood, not to mention ever having been on a road bike! Within a few days of contact, the bike expert gave me my first experience on a borrowed road bike at a parking lot, and before the weekend helped me locate my first-ever bike. That was only the beginning of an incredible summer with regular bike rides to fascinating locations, on well-planned routes, within a supportive, inclusive, and inspiring group. By end of the season, I completed my first 100k and 130K rides, and my first triathlon. I was inspired to continue training indoors with the encouragement of the community that did not stop just because it was too cold outside. Thanks to everyone in Agalateya, I found a new life in Canada."

Mary Shenouda

"First and foremost, it is critical to highlight that I am one of the countless newcomers to this country this year. Moving from city to city, let alone country to country, is unpleasant for anyone. It is no surprise that I battled anxiousness throughout the early weeks I was here much like anyone else. Furthermore, I’m passionate about sports, so I was lucky to hear about AGALATIYA, a group endowed with generosity that makes one’s joyful experience its entire agenda. Agalatiya not only assisted me in minimizing such anxiety, but their inviting, welcoming companionship encouraged me to find my place in this country, which I will eventually call home. The spirit and the diversity  of Agalatiya group members, as well as the joyful experiences each time we meet, had a great impact on me, and with no doubt  will be for future newcomers."

Ahlam Lahbyeb

"I am grateful to have been able to join the Agalatya sports club shortly after its inception. It began as a cycling club, and I continue to love riding with the excellent Agalatya riders. We are no longer simply a bunch of cyclists; we are close friends, which makes each short or long ride a delight in the beautiful sport and interacting with incredible people."

Walid Gallo
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