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Dink - Smash - Rally


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We play at:
Oakville Trafalgar Community Center 
Haber Recreational Center

Pickleball Skill Levels:

1.0 - Novice:

  • New to the game and may be learning the basic rules and strokes.

  • Limited understanding of court positioning and strategy.

  • Developing consistency in hitting the ball.

2.0 - Beginner:

  • Players are still in the early stages of learning the game.

  • Begin to demonstrate some basic strokes and court awareness.

  • May struggle with consistent ball placement and rallying.

2.5 - Advanced Beginner:

  • Players are becoming more comfortable with the game.

  • Improved consistency in hitting the ball and understanding basic strategies.

  • Developing skills in positioning and working on communication with a partner.

3.0 - Intermediate:

  • Players have a good understanding of the rules and are developing more advanced strokes.

  • Better court awareness and positioning.

  • Begin to incorporate strategy into their gameplay, including dinking and placement shots.

3.5 - Advanced Intermediate:

  • Players have a solid foundation in all aspects of the game.

  • Consistent and accurate strokes, including volleys and smashes.

  • Improved court positioning, teamwork, and understanding of opponents' strategies.

4.0 - Advanced:

  • Players have a high level of skill and experience.

  • Strong and consistent play with advanced strokes and techniques.

  • Excellent court coverage, strategic thinking, and teamwork.

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Pickleball Training Program

Location: Haber Community Center - Gym 3

Date: Saturdays, 27 January and 3 Feb

Time: 4:00 P.M. to 6:00 P.M.

Welcome to our exclusive 2-day program, which offers four dynamic hours that blend intensive training and engaging play. The expert coaching team includes Coach Labeeb and Coach Hossam, who led the first session, followed by Coach Labeeb and Coach Marwa in the second session.
We are pleased to announce that we cater to various skill levels with two program options: Introduction to Pickleball and Skills Enhancement. Secure your spot for a unique experience tailored to your level, ensuring personalized attention and focused training. Limited spots are available, guaranteeing a prime opportunity to refine your skills and enjoy concentrated play!

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