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Elevate Your Endurance Training Game with this new Agalateya Triathlon Program

Exciting news! Agalateya is proud to announce a new initiative to elevate our athletes and Triathletes' endurance training experience. We've invested in the famous TrainingPeaks platform, offering a structured training program to take your fitness to new heights.
This pilot endurance program focuses on Triathlon, with plans to expand into Swimming, Cycling, Running, and Strength Training. Our goal is simple: to move Agalateya triathletes to the next level through structured training programs centred on measurable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Our Triathlon program leverages the TrainingPeaks platform, delivering instructions directly to your Garmin Watch. After each session, your performance data is seamlessly transmitted back to TrainingPeaks, enabling your coach to analyze your progress and provide personalized guidance.

Program Coach Ahmed Youssef:

  • Trained Triathlon Community Coach

  • Certified 80/20 Endurance Coach

  • Certified TrainingPeaks Coach

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