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Athlete of the Month: Ahmed Mosly

(Triathlon, Cycling and Pickleball)

Recently, you have taken home the 5150 Ironman medal for the second time; what inspired you to become a 5150 Ironman finisher?

Simply, my friends in Agalateya. The idea of the Triathlon never crossed my mind before 2022. And i owe the participation in the first Triathlon to Wael Fathy who proposed I participate with him in 2022, and i thought I’ll just go to support him…. Then it all started from there.

How has your experience been transitioning from tennis to pickleball, and what do you enjoy most about each sport?

I started Pickleball thinking it’s a nice additional activity to practice jointly with Soha, then fell in love with it. I still love and play tennis, but pickleball is more fun…. Faster, more engaging, and less physically exhausting. You can play 3 hours without a problem.

You had a role in developing the sportsmanship protocol for Agalateya Sports Club; why do you believe it’s important for the club?

Competitiveness sometimes takes aggressive and harmful curves, and if it’s not well controlled it ruins the fun of the games and becomes self destructive. Passion and competitiveness are nice to promote any sport, and the greater good needs them to be in check and balanced.

As a founding member, what has been your most memorable moment with Agalateya over the past four years?

It was that moment in Velocity 2023 when the event photographer said that they have been wondering if Agalateya will join this year, and asked us to line up for a picture! It was a nice moment to recognize that Agalateya entity has become that well known in the sports and volunteering community.

What motivates you to stay dedicated to the club, and how do you balance your various sports activities with your other commitments?

Agalateya promotes my wellbeing, so it’s a top priority.

What improvements or changes would you like to see at Agalateya to enhance the member experience and promote a healthy sports culture?

To have our own location which will be a milestone for sustaining the club in the long term

Do you have any advice for new members or aspiring athletes looking to get involved in multiple sports like you have?

Two things:

a)Take it easy…. Take baby steps in the activities you like because sustaining the activity is more effective than taking big leaps that will exhaust you and won’t be sustainable

B) Have fun…. Whether you win or lose a game is not the most important thing…achieving your fitness goal, protecting the sport, and having fun with the group is much more important.

How do you stay motivated and maintain your passion for sports, even during challenging times or after achieving major milestones?

I know this differs from one person to the other, but what keeps me motivated is not to be stressed or stretched in playing sports. After i did my first Triathlon, my friends were encouraging me to do the 70.3, for me, i kept my motivation by thinking I’d rather do more Sprints, and another Triathlon with better numbers than this one.

Any thing else you'd like to share with the Agalateya Community? Raising the bar can be about doing the same things in a better way, and not necessarily doing harder things.

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