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The Strike Drop-in Game


In the fall of 2023, the town of Oakville found itself amidst a challenging situation with the CUPE strike affecting various aspects of community life. The strike had widespread repercussions, impacting town activities and disrupting local sports leagues, including the beloved volleyball league. Among those affected was Agalateya, a vibrant community in Oakville known for its active engagement in various recreational pursuits.

The Oakville CUPE strike affected routine activities and services. Unfortunately, the volleyball league, a source of joy and connection for many in Oakville, was put on hold due to the strike.

Rather than surrendering to the challenges posed by the strike, and since Volleyball runs now in the blood of the Agalateya Community, we decided to take matters into our own hands. Understanding the importance of maintaining community spirit and engagement, we organized our drop-in volleyball games to keep the spirit of the sport alive.

The Agalateya volleyball community embraced the opportunity to have fun and stay active despite the strike-induced break. We formed teams, bringing together players with different skill levels and styles.

The drop-in games proved a roaring success, with Teams 1 and 2 facing off in a friendly yet competitive atmosphere. The matches showcased not only the talent of the players but also the resilience and adaptability of the Agalateya community in the face of adversity. Laughter echoed through the makeshift court as players enjoyed the company and sportsmanship that define the spirit of community sports.

With a sweet ending, Agalateya treated its members to a delightful surprise – delicious donuts. The sugary treats provided the perfect end to an hour filled with laughter, friendly competition, and a sense of community that transcended the challenges posed by the CUPE strike.

While the Oakville CUPE strike posed significant challenges to the town's activities, Agalateya's response demonstrated the community's love for Volleyball. By organizing our volleyball games during the strike, Agalateya not only kept the spirit of the sport alive but also strengthened the bonds of their community. The ability to turn misfortune into an opportunity for fun and connection showcased the true essence of Agalateya. This community thrives on togetherness, innovation, and a shared love for sports.

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